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4 Jul 2015

Brother and Sister had illegal Sex at terrace - Real Story

Brother and Sister had illegal Sex at terrace - Real Story
Hi everyone, . i know you won't believe me because most of u think that women don't write sex stories. but i'm real and what i'm writing is not stories they are the incidents that really happened in my life. There are 5 experiences that happened in my life and i'm sharing one of it which happened.

i was far from sex as my husband died 5 years ago and i didn't had sex till 3 years since then actually one of my friend told me about this i read alot of stories from all categories and my favorite is incest, teacher, group, and maid and my friends favorite is group and incest. she was married after 5 years when i got married and she use to talk about sex all the time and praises luck that i can have sex whenever i want with my husband and she has to satisfy herself by reading these stories and fingering her. she looks alot like me but she is dusky and i'm fair. we got a gang of 6 friends but we are best friends from 6th standard and we share all thing she even shared her first night experience with me after she got married.

Let me introduce myself to u people. i'm ramya uppuluri this is my real name i'm revealing it because i want u people to believe me. my husband died 5 years ago in an accident. and i have been untouched for 3 years after his death. i live in hyderabad AP. I'm 38 years old now and my kids are elder 16 and younger 14 both are boys. And for the people who wants to fantasize about me my vital statistics are 36-34-38 very fair complexion and round face. i'm a bit chubby not fat. i won't agree if someone says i'm fat as i'm a women hehe. i got the job of my husband so living is not a problem or u can say a little higher than middle class. i don't want to reveal my monthly salary for my personal reasons. i didn't get married again after my husbands death even my parents wanted me to because i love my husband that much. i'm a homely women for whom family comes first. and won't get so easily comfortable with strangers u won't believe me because i don't know most of my colleagues names (male) in my own section. There are about 20 male workers including my boss and peon. and i know only my boss and the 2 peons. so i think this information is enough for the 5 incidents i'm going to write in future. because i'm not going to introduce myself for all 5 essays i'm going to write.

So coming to the story this incident. I was not able to sleep because there was a power-cut u all know as we are Indians. The power-cut was for the phase i live and the apartment were the watchmen kids sleeping has the power. I went up on the terrace to get some fresh air as i was sweating badly. They were sleeping on a "sleeping mat" the girl was sleeping in between the father and brother. the kids age was approx girl(24) and boy(22) watchmen their father (65) very thin and can't even walk properly. I took a walk for a bit and settled at one of the corner and was just gazing at random image then i notice some movements on the ground then i started to observe for my shock i saw the girl was masturbating her brother when her father is still beside her. i watched for some time. She stopped for sometime and then the old man got up because her daughter woke him up and asked him to sleep on the bed. The bed was a "navaar bed" i don't know what its called in English. it was just 5-7 steps away from where the kids were sleeping so the old man went and slept on the bed.

Then they both waited for about an hour to make sure their father was asleep. The boy slept calm for the whole hour but the girl was fingering herself inside her saree by taking her left hand from top of her naval because she didn't want to get caught by lifting her saree up her thighs. then after an hour she tried to wake the boy up by rubbing the boys leg with her leg slowly. but the boy was asleep but she didn't gave up but tried harder to wake him up. When the boy woke up he turned towards her and she turned her back towards him so the boy was facing her back. Then he took his hand and inserting it inside her saree through her navel and fingered her for sometime. Seeing all this was fingering myself. Then the boy saw me. but he couldn't know who i'm as it was night and power was cut. and then they stopped. I hoped they start again but they want to confirm i'm gone. so i can't control myself and fingered myself and released on the terrace in open. It was amazing.

Then i was bored and went back to house. Then after 30 mins the power was on and the cooler was on. With the sudden blow of the blower my nighty was hiked till my thighs. And the air tickled my vagina and my desire for sex woke up again. Then i started peeping from my bedroom window it has the same view as i see from the terrace so i can watch from the window by laying on my bed. And by the time i peeped through the window they were already started. and the old man was turned away as he changed position in sleep. I saw the siblings were kissing and the boy was fingering her in previous position and the girl was pressing her breasts and masturbating her brother with other hand in the back. Seeing it i started again even my kids were sleeping on the same bed.

So after they finished with that they stood up and checked all over and confirmed that their father is asleep and even checked for me if i was still there. then they went to a corner but u know the parking place will be lit always except in the morning so they went behind a car in the corner and then she hiked her saree along with her pettycoat and took the grip of a pillar. The boy dropped his pants he didn't wear any underwear as it would be difficult to sleep with those on. Then he took his penis and hit it on her buttocks and inserted in her vagina. They were doing it in doggy style. I even heard some moaning of her but he tried to shut her mouth with his hand as he don't want to wake his father up or get caught by others. i could hear the sounds of the collision of the thighs very low but it was clear as there was pin drop silence as it was night 1:30 am.

Then after some strokes he took his penis off and released on the floor. and after that she stood up straight and the boy got on his knees and started cleaning her vagina with a cloth and then licked her for some time. then the girl sucked his penis for some time till he released in her mouth she spit it out. then they both got dressed up and cleaned their mouth and slept like nothing happened. he slept on one end and her on the other like the space between them can be filled with 10 people.

And i released for the second time that night and took a bath with cool water at 2:00am and with the cool breeze of the cooler i slept peacefully.

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